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June 7, 2017

15 free ways to market your blog

If you are juggling a full time career and a side biz or even if you are a full time blogger primarily, we all have one thing in common; looking for the quickest way to market our blog. 7 years ago I never thought of the importance of marketing my blog to my readers because I thought only my family and friends wanted to read it. Sometimes to this day I still think that 😉 But now, I realize the most effective way to promote myself was by creating a list to not only help myself, but to help you too. Although some of these tasks may seem small, they can really make a huge impact toward gaining a bigger following. But hey, let’s dive into 15 ways to market your blog!


  1. Share Share Share – Regardless of your business, your main ideal client is on social media. Share your blog on all of your social media accounts. The easiest ( and FREE ) way to get your blog out there is by sharing them on all platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest.

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  1. Use Your Social Media – Sharing is important on social media but also making sure you make it easy to share your blog is essential as well. Make sure you fill up your “About Section” on Facebook or Twitter with a link to your blog. Often, I see people don’t fill out their social media profiles. Use that description area to help instruct those that come to your media accounts on where to go and add a bit of flare to your description to make it stand it out.

  2. Automate Social MediaHootsuite is one of my favorite FREE services that allows you to schedule 3 of your blog posts on 3 different social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ). It’ll save you hours of work if you use a scheduling media management tool like this.

  3. Write Regular Posts – Consistency is key. Share content that inspires your followers. You may start to see them share your content and in turn, watch your business grow. Unsure of what to write? Think of questions that your audience may ask and answer them.

  4. Get Your Name Out There – Guest posting is one of the easiest ways to get your name out there! Share with your favorite bloggers and ask to do a guest post! Make a list of those blogs you can approach to keep it all together. The worst they could say is no!

  5. Mix It Up – Although you may love blogging, to keep your audience engaged, mix it up with different content. Add a podcast, a video or make your writing more personal like your struggle or why you wanted to start blogging in the first place.

  6. Mobile Friendly – While many followers will love reading your blog on the computer, the majority of us read it on our phones. Make sure your website is mobile friendly to accompany all your users.

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  1. Increase SEO – The higher your position in the Search Engine that you have, the more traffic will come to your blog. Again, creating regular content that your readers will find valuable is key. Make sure you use keywords that people will look for. Matt Anton created NJ SEO to help those that that want to have a meaningful relationship through their clients possible. They develop effective content strategies for your blog. With 12 years of marketing experience and 27 individuals to help you with any of your needs, you’re always in good hands with this company to help keep your blog afloat and help answer all your questions!

  2. Work On About Page – Did you know that your “About Page” is the second most viewed page after your homepage? Make it stand out to your readers. They want to know who you are and how they can identify themselves with you so make sure it counts and stands out to them.

  3. Be Productive – Are you spending too much time on a specific platform and not on others? How about setting a 15 minute timer to concentrate on one task at a time. It always help me to focus when I know I’m on the clock!  

  4. Look At Your Statistics – Where is your traffic coming from? If you are not tracking, you could be missing out on valuable information. Make sure you install Google Analytics to give you an insight view to market your blog in all the right places.

  5. Share A Survey – Surveys are easy and FREE! I tend to ask my followers once every 6 months what they want to see on my blog to make sure things are current and what they want to be reading.

  6. Join Facebook Groups – Share your business page on various Facebook groups. These are great groups to connect with those that share the same values and can help get your blog name out there in return for doing the same for them!

  7. Reuse Your Content – Share this article in other posts to have users clicking through more of your content. Create graphic tips, videos or podcasts to keep it fresh and fun!

  8. Think Of Your Vision – When you have a goal or vision of where you want your blog to be at 5, 10 or 20 months or years from now, the possibilities seem in sight!


Remember to keep these tips in mind when you’re looking to market your blog!

How do you market your blog to others?




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