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December 29, 2017

Favorite comfy finds from Aerie

Lately I have been obsessed with Aerie. I love everything that I have bought from them recently. Everything is just so cozy. All I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with a comfy blanket and cup of coffee. A lot of these finds are on sale right now! Also, if you spend $50, shipping is free. I think my New Year’s resolution is going to be to have the comfiest year yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In Product Reviews on
December 28, 2017

The best subscription box for breastfeeding moms

Hi everyone.  I hope that you have having a fantastic day! Today I am going to be talking about an awesome subscription box service that I was recently introduced to called Colson and Joe. Colson & Joe is a monthly subscription box focused around the nursing momma and her baby.

Colson & Joe contains innovative products, hand picked specialty items, and vital information to ease the process and enhance the bond between mom and baby during their breastfeeding/pumping journey. I wish I knew about this while I was breastfeeding!

This idea came about a few years back, when two mothers experienced the challenges of breastfeeding from different ends of the spectrum. They decided to join forces to be able to share the knowledge and wisdom they learned with other moms struggling to nurse their own children. Named after their two sons, Colson & Joe delivers monthly boxes full of breastfeeding info, tips, activities and products to doorsteps across the country.

As most of you already know, I stopped breastfeeding Landon at about 13 months. It was the right time for us both to stop, he was more than ready to wean. But because I am such a huge supporter of breastfeeding moms, I wanted to partner with C&J so I could tell you about their awesome service and help spread the word about their great box service. If one person out there can benefit from this monthly subscription box, than my job is done! // Also, because I am no longer breastfeeding myself, I want to GIVEAWAY this box to one of my amazing followers – that means YOU momma!

Without further ado, let’s see what goodies I got in my first box…

  1. Evenflo Balance + wide neck bottle
  2. Milkflow fenugreek + blessed thistle powder drink mix // aids with milk production
  3. WonderMother effervescent dietary supplement // helps to support mom’s nutritional needs
  4. Bessie’s best lactation cookie
  5. Milos Breast milk alcohol test strips
  6. WishGarden milk rich with goat’s rue // promotes healthy breastmilk and volume of milk
  7. Happy Mama organics cherry + lemon lactation oat bar
  8. Happy Mama flavor free mix-in probiotic supplement 
  9. Medium black v-neck nursing top

One last reason why I love Colson & Joe, for every box sold they donate a portion of the profits to help supply a free box to women facing the challenge of breastfeeding their baby in the NICU. How cool is that?!

If you want to sign up and snag your first box (or give one as a gift — what a GREAT IDEA) head over to their website to fill out a quick questionnaire, which will help them to be able to create a box that is not only awesome, but personalized to fit you and your baby’s needs!

GIVEAWAY: I am going to be giving away this awesome box to one of my nursing momma followers! Keep an eye out for a post after 12pm EST on 12/28/17 on my instagram @asthespeeritmovesyou on how you can win! Giveaway ends Sunday 9pm.

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December 23, 2017

My favorite last-minute holiday looks

Happy Saturday! Are any of you still going crazy running around getting ready for Christmas like me? Have you done all of your holiday shopping? I sure hope so, but if not, I have got you covered! Here are so my absolute favorite fashion finds for the holiday, including many items that I myself have asked for this Christmas! 

The Loft is having an amazing sale right now where you can get 50% off PLUS an extra 10% if you buy online and go to pick up your items in the store! (Use code: RIGHTNOW at checkout!)

Abercrombie & Fitch is having 40-50% off their entire store! If you sign up for the A&F club (which is free!) you will get a $20 off $50 coupon right to your email! SCORE!

Aerie is offering free shipping on all bras and bralettes. So if you add in a cute bralette, you will get free shipping on your entire order! I love mine, so cute and they look great!