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July 25, 2016

Bumpdate: 26 weeks

This week marks week 26. Time is flying! On Thursday I will be 27 weeks already- so close to the third trimester! I am feeling GREAT. My belly is definitely growing bigger and bigger as each day goes by. Baby S is more active than ever. We have ‘mommy and me time’ every night around 9pm, when I come home from work and lay down on the couch. He is very active at this time and even lets dad see and feel his movements! Below is an update from week 24 and week 26.

image924 weeksimage7

Today is TJ’s birthday! He turns 27 years old! We are celebrating tonight by having some friends over for dinner and to watch one of our favorite shows together. This weekend we celebrated TJ’s birthday by going to his favorite restaurant called E&V. I had his brother Jesse and my sister in law, meet us there as a surprise. It was a great dinner spending time together with our family.  Before dinner, we took a pit stop at the Paterson Falls. It was SO hot out, so we took a quick walk and then ran back to the car [remember, I am pregnant and hot weather = a no no! 😉 ]

image3image4image5image6Other things going on have just focused around setting up the baby’s nursery. I will show some “sneak peaks” below. This week the crib should arrive, which should pull the room together even more! Our friends and family have been spoiling us with gifts (already) and we have been able to fill the room with lots of clothes and toys. We have been so blessed by everyone around us, we have really been so spoiled. This baby is loved so much already!

image1 image2image10

Until the next bump-date!


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