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June 7, 2015

Memorial Day Decor

For those of you who know me, my apothecary jars are my absolute favorite thing to decorate in my house. With each change of season and holiday my jars get a makeover.  Sometimes my jars will have decorations in them and other times I will fill them with candy. I bought these particular jars two years ago at Michael’s Craft Stores. I used coupons when purchasing them and spent somewhere around $35 on all three. For me, they were a great investment!

I wasn’t sure what theme to make the jars this month. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a ‘summer beach’ theme but I knew that wouldn’t match well with the surrounding decor in my home.

The key to this habit it of mine is not to spend a fortune each month. Eventually I will have a full inventory of decor that I will reuse from year to year. I am almost there! Believe me, my husband will tell you that I have enough  already. 😉

I headed over to our local dollar store, Dollar Tree, and went right over to their Memorial Day decorations. As I have mentioned before we are living on a budget, so I don’t need to go broke on this little monthly project of mine! I end up spending $8 on all items. As you can see in the image below, I got 3 Mesh ribbons (Red-White-Blue), 2 garland strands with stars, as well as 3 super cute red, white and blue starred candle holders. The cool thing is that after filling up my jars I still had a lot of the ribbon left over, which I used to fill some other jars in my house. I even considered making a wreath with the remaining ribbon, but I’ll leave that project for another day….maybe July 4th 🙂

Here is how the jars turned out…

What do you think?!


Happy Memorial Day! 

Thank you to all who have served [and continue to serve] our country. You are true heroes!

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May 14, 2015

DIY Summer Watermelon Tote

Today I spent the day with one of my favorite people, my Oma (dutch for grandma). My Oma is the reason I grew up so into art and anything crafty. Every time I would go visit her house in Belleville, she would always have colored pencils and drawing paper for us or watercolors to paint with. Well…things haven’t changed. Many of the times I visit Oma, we find something creative to do. Today, I asked her to help me out with a DIY project I had been wanting to do.

I stopped at Michael’s Craft Store before I got to her house and sadly was quite disappointed. They didn’t have any good totes bags for this project. I left the store saying…I guess today isn’t the day. Before I got in the car, I decided to walk next door to the Christmas Tree Shops. I was actually looking for some fourth of July decor when I came across this adorable beige & green tote! I saw it and knew it was perfect for the project I wanted to do. I quickly picked it up and headed to the cashier. I ended up going back to Michael’s to purchase the paints and paint brushes. I included a close up picture of the paints and brushes we used in case you wanted to pick up the same colors.

Together, Oma and I decorated this super cute summer bag! The bag itself came to $5, a steal! It has a zipper across the top to which is great. In total I spent $10 on this project. Awesome, right?

What you will need:

-Tote bag (any size & color you prefer)

-Paint brushes (small/med/large)

-A potato (YES….a potato) sliced in half [I used 2 for different shapes]

-Acrylic paint [pink – green – black)


It’s super easy!

Once you have your potato cut in half, you will take your pink paint and brush it over the potato half. You will then flip it over and hold down the side with the paint against the tote, for 5 seconds or so. Be careful when picking it up because it can easily slip out of your hands and get paint in the wrong place! After placing all of your potato halves (for the watermelon), we opened our green paint and using a smaller brush painted on the watermelon rind. Once the watermelons were dry, we painted in the seeds with the black paint using the smallest brush.

We let the tote dry for a good two hours and then came back to paint the back!

Let me know what you think!

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December 19, 2014

Getting Crafty

So yesterday, my best friend and I met up for some painting! I saw a great offer on groupon for a fun painting class…and the best part is you are allowed to drink wine! Couldn’t get more perfect for me…. best friend, vino and getting your creative craft on? I bought the 2 tickets a few months ago- not knowing when we would find time to get together. What a more perfect time of year to do it than now? I am so glad we did it around Christmas. It was super fun and got us in the holiday spirit (since we were painting a Christmas scene).  The painting place was called Pinot’s Palette and it was located in Ridgewood, NJ. Whats fun about it is that you can also bring your own food and snacks, so you can munch at the same time! What I liked the most was looking around at everyones paintings at the end of the class. We all had the same painting to re-create, however everyones seems to be a little different, their own version of a masterpiece. I loved it! Here are some pictures of our fun girls night out 😉 Happy Holidays!





image5 image6