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July 25, 2016

Bumpdate: 26 weeks

This week marks week 26. Time is flying! On Thursday I will be 27 weeks already- so close to the third trimester! I am feeling GREAT. My belly is definitely growing bigger and bigger as each day goes by. Baby S is more active than ever. We have ‘mommy and me time’ every night around 9pm, when I come home from work and lay down on the couch. He is very active at this time and even lets dad see and feel his movements! Below is an update from week 24 and week 26.

image924 weeksimage7

Today is TJ’s birthday! He turns 27 years old! We are celebrating tonight by having some friends over for dinner and to watch one of our favorite shows together. This weekend we celebrated TJ’s birthday by going to his favorite restaurant called E&V. I had his brother Jesse and my sister in law, meet us there as a surprise. It was a great dinner spending time together with our family.  Before dinner, we took a pit stop at the Paterson Falls. It was SO hot out, so we took a quick walk and then ran back to the car [remember, I am pregnant and hot weather = a no no! 😉 ]

image3image4image5image6Other things going on have just focused around setting up the baby’s nursery. I will show some “sneak peaks” below. This week the crib should arrive, which should pull the room together even more! Our friends and family have been spoiling us with gifts (already) and we have been able to fill the room with lots of clothes and toys. We have been so blessed by everyone around us, we have really been so spoiled. This baby is loved so much already!

image1 image2image10

Until the next bump-date!


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July 5, 2016

Gender Reveal

All I can say is, what a GREAT weekend! We had our gender reveal party this past 4th of July weekend and it was such a blast. We had some of our closest friends and family together to celebrate with us. TJ and I were SO curious if Baby Speer was a BOY or GIRL. We had to wait for 2 weeks from our last ultrasound to find out the news… so we were dying to know! We decided to reveal “the surprise” together with everyone. It made it more special and intimate.

One of the most fun parts about having the gender reveal party, was coming up with cute decor ideas. There is so much you can do when it comes to decorating and I love to get creative. But of course because of Pinterest, everything is a lot easier nowadays! We made a pink and blue lemonade and had mini milk jugs to serve them in with blue/pink straws. I displayed the ultrasound progression pics of Baby Speer along the table in from of the drinks, and when guests arrived, we had them ‘wear their guess’- which was just a clothes pin dipped in blue/pink paint.

All of the Old Wives Tales pointed to us having a girl, however all along TJ and I had a feeling that the baby was a boy. I never had that ‘motherly instinct’ that some moms get where they “just know”, but I was almost convinced that the baby was a boy because so many people had being telling me “it’s a boy, for sure.” If you look at one of the 3D ultrasound pictures taken of the baby, he looks just like his daddy (especially his cute button nose).

My best friend, Christina, was the only one to know the gender of our baby. When we “found out” we had the Ultrasound technician write down the gender in an envelope and we gave it to her later that night. She was in charge of ordering the balloon with the gender confetti in it and picking up some blue and pink balloons to put in the front of the house. Christina also baked some delicious cupcakes and decorated the cutest (and yummiest) baby sugar cookies for us! She is so talented and they tasted ahhmazing =)

When it came time to find out the gender, TJ and I went onto the grass and had our friends countdown from 5 to 1. One the count of one, TJ popped the big black balloon and lots of BLUE confetti came souring over my head. I felt consumed in blue. It was so much fun. Such a wonderful surprise and it felt so amazing to be able to finally know what I had inside of me all along. After knowing, I finally feel like I can connect on a deeper level with Baby Speer. We already have his name picked out, but it is will be a SURPRISE! Sorry….  ;-P Overall, the day was great and we had a blast celebrating our new baby BOY!!!!!

IMG_0682 IMG_0684 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0721 IMG_0728 IMG_0738 IMG_0743 IMG_0591 IMG_0627 IMG_0603image2image1IMG_0606 IMG_0614

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June 23, 2016

Bumpdate: 21 weeks

Wow, is this pregnancy going fast! I feel like it was just yesterday that we found out that we were pregnant and here we are now- 4 months away from being “real-life” parents 😉 It’s a crazy thought. Right now we are so used to living our normal day to day lives, just TJ & I. We’re used to doing what we want, when we want. Things are about to really change.  I am not really sure how I feel about the idea of being woken up in the night 5x… it’s certainly going to be a transition!

On the other hand, Baby Speer is doing really well! We just went for our 20 week ultrasound (at 21 weeks). This is the ultrasound where they do a full anatomy scan of the baby, measuring pretty much every body part imaginable- including the chambers of the heart and the ventricles of the brain! It’s so amazing to see. Baby’s heart beat was 144. TJ and I decided to not find out the gender at the ultrasound, but to have them write the “secret” down in an envelope so that we would be surprised at our gender reveal, two weeks later. Man, was it hard to sit through the entire appointment and not ask to find out. We contemplated changing our minds a few times. See a picture below of our precious baby. Do you think Baby Speer is a boy or girl? Either way, mom loves baby SO MUCH already!

As far as pregnancy goes, I am feeling great! The second trimester has been, by far, my favorite trimester. I have had so much energy, where in the first trimester I could barely keep my eyes open everyday (I practically lived on the couch!) I am in a great mood and I am really enjoying this fun journey.

As far as other updates, TJ and I just took a 12 day trip to Europe to visit our family in Holland and also a short trip to Paris, France. It was baby’s first time traveling- already a world traveler like mom 😉 It was certainly the best time to travel, I was feeling great and didn’t get tired walking around all day sight seeing. While in Europe, Baby Speer started getting really active inside of my belly and TJ was able to feel the baby’s movements for the first time! That night I went to bed early, while TJ was upstairs watching a movie, and I started to feel the baby move a lot. I quickly called TJ to come down,  because I didn’t want him to miss this! I literally think the baby turned 180 degrees because it started on the left side and by the end, we felt all the movement on my right. It went on for a good 15 minutes, which made it real fun for mom and dad. It was a special moment that we will always remember.

13524545_10100166557052080_1557990508700729556_nNext up is our gender reveal party next Saturday, July 2nd. I had a lot of fun planning the party and buying all things in pink and blue. We are catering Q’doba, so it will be yummy! We are excited to celebrate this special moment with our closest friends and family. The only person to know the actual gender of the baby is my best friend, Christina, who will order the balloon with blue or pink confetti in it! I seriously cannot wait. I am leaning more towards the baby being a boy, so a girl would be a complete surprise!