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January 8, 2017


fffboxHey everyone. Hope that you are having a great weekend! This weekend I received my first FabFitFun box in the mail and I was so excited to open it! FFF is a subscription box that comes in the mail four times a year- one with every season. The last box that went out was the winter box, which had a lot of cool goodies! Once a year FFF puts out an Editor’s Box, which contains the editor’s favorites from 2016. This is the box that I received.

The box itself costs $50, but all of the items in the box contain a value of over $200. The items you receive are not sample sizes, you get the real product. Each box that you receive is unique- so it is a surprise. FabFitFun loves to send out items related to beauty, health, fitness and anything else that they think is popular or in style. You can purchase a box individually or you can subscribe for the year- which saves you a little bit of money. I have a special code that will give you $10 off of your first box, so make sure to scroll to the bottom for the code and link! I got my first box for $40- so I thought you should too!

I did a LIVE unboxing on my Facebook page which was fun. I included some pictures below of what came in my box. Some of my favorites include the ModCloth scarf in black and white and the Jook & Nona 18k gold ‘love‘ necklace. In every box you will receive 9 fabulous items and one ‘bonus item’. The bonus item I received was the $40 off coupon for HelloFresh. 

Here is a picture of all of the items I received. Below is a total of the values of each product. So you can see that $50 for a box is totally worth it!

1. Marrakesh argan & hemp hair oil $22.99

2. ORG skincare mineral face peel $44

3. Anderson Lilley beach butter body cream $24

4. Zoya nail polish $10

5. The created co mug $19 {10% of proceeds go to clean water}

6. Manna Kadar lip locked priming gloss stain $24

7. FFF Coloring book & pencils $14

8. Jook & Nona tag 18k bar necklace ‘love’ $65

9. Mod cloth lock & key blanket scarf $34.98 image8 image12

^Above I am wearing the Manna lip color^


I CAN’T WAIT to receive my next box! What will be in YOUR box? Use the code ‘COZY‘ on the link found HERE. Remember to treat yourself! =)




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