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June 18, 2017

Your first Father’s Day


TJ, today is your day. 

Today is a day to celebrate all that you are and the person you have become over the past eight months.
Being a Father comes so naturally to you. I secretly love watching you with Landon. The look on his face every time that you walk in the door- is a face he only saves for you. I haven’t seen anyone light up his eyes like you have… 
I have no doubts that one day our son will grow up to be an intelligent, God loving, basketball playing, tall (blonde) and handsome man, just like you. 
Thank you for being the best Dad to Landon. I am so glad that you are the man who gets to raise my child. I wouldn’t pick anyone more perfect. 
Happy First Father’s Day! We love you so much!
Below is a fun little photoshoot that we did to celebrate.

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