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January 21, 2015

Introducing… Swanky Snaps!

Hello Everyone! Today I decided to dedicate a post to our product, Swanky Snaps. Swanky Snaps is a brand my best friend, Christina, and I created back in 2012.


Swanky Snaps are stylish, creative & personal leather charm bracelets. We want each bracelet to be a unique reflection of your personality, so we designed a bracelet in which you can “snap” your own favorite charms onto it. This allows you to be creative and display your personality on your wrist!

All of our bracelets are handcrafted and made from genuine leather. Our bracelets come in a variety of color choices – black, brown, white, gold and some bracelets in blue, teal, pink and purple. We have multiple bracelet designs to choose from based on what you like. We have the double-wrap bracelet that wraps twice around your wrist and allows for 6 snaps. We have a single-band bracelet which wraps once and is a thicker sized band, which allows for 4 snap options. Finally, we have a braided band which allows for 3 snaps and has a braided band wrapped around both sides. We are also currently working on a new design– stay tuned!





How does Swanky Snaps work? It’s simple! Choose your leather bracelet, and then add the charms you like. You can snap the charms in and out, so they can be placed on your bracelet in any order and switched depending on your outfit! We encourage you to share and trade snaps amongst your friends. The possibilities are endless!


Where to find us? We sell our SwankySnaps online on Etsy. (link here–


We also sell our bracelets at multiple craft fairs within New Jersey.

We would love for you to stop by and say hi!




You can always find out our ‘next stop’ by following us on our facebook page (

You can also find us on instagram (@swankysnaps)

[To read more on our bio. & where our idea originated from, follow the link here:

For any further inquires, feel free to email us at!







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