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March 26, 2017

Love at first bite

Yesterday Landon turned five months old. Wow, does time fly? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were telling our family that we were pregnant! L has been sitting with us at the table for dinner these last few weeks, so we thought it might be time to let him try his first foods. TJ took the highchair down from the attic and set it up right away. The baby fit perfectly in it and it was nice to “officially” include him as a member at the table.

TJ and I decided to let Landon try avocado for the first time today. To our surprise, he seemed to really like it! It amazed me how right away he knew what to do with the spoon. During his first bite he took a second to think, “oh, this is different” but after three more bites, he seemed to be on a roll. He was even leaning his head towards the bowl for more! He must have ended up eating around 10 small spoonfuls in all. Of course we got some video footage of the special moment. Overall, TJ and I were very happy with how well Landon did. Seems like there is no turning back now- this kids going to be eating french fries in no time 😉


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