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October 20, 2015

Second Annual Breakfast for Dinner

Today we hosted our second “Breakfast for Dinner” party.  We wanted to start a new Speer tradition, so last November we had everyone over for a breakfast dinner. It was such a hit that we decided to make it an annual thing. We hope to keep this tradition going for years to come!

This year, I tried to change it up a little bit with some new appetizers. For starters, I made a famous dutch recipe, poffertjes. They are small, light mini-pancakes and are so yummy. You usually eat them as a main meal or for dessert, but I thought they would be a fun appetizer idea. The second appetizer were sausage, eggs and cheese roll ups. We used maple and brown sugar flavored sausage and it turned out great! It was a sweet twist on your normal sausage flavor. Coming from someone who doesn’t really like sausage, this was TJ’s favorite food from the day! Oh, and I can’t forget…mimosas are a must!

For the main course we offered a few options; pancakes, waffles, taylor ham egg and cheese as well as an option for eggs and bacon. For sides we served breakfast potatoes and fruit. For dessert we made monkey bread, which tastes similar to a cinnamon bun. Nan brought some freshly made lemon-poppyseed scones and man, were they yummy!

Overall, the dinner was a lot of fun. The food was great, but the company was even better!

IMG_4800 IMG_4802 IMG_4804IMG_4809 IMG_4812IMG_4830 IMG_4832IMG_4836 IMG_4833IMG_4839 IMG_4797IMG_4842

Looking forward to next year’s dinner!

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