Society Letters

For those of you who do not already know, I am a contributor to an amazing ladies blog called Society Letters.

“Society Letters is a women’s publishing site focusing on inspiring and encouraging the everyday woman. We live in a world where comparison and competition via social media can begin to grind on our soul if we are not careful, and forget that one of our main purposes in life should be to uplift one another. SL provides highly relatable content, ranging from relationships, career,  home and design, and everything in between.

Women are some of the strongest creatures mentally, and they really can achieve anything they put their minds to. Women are also the most targeted creatures by the media, and society constantly dictates what we should look like, feel like, act like, think like, etc etc! SL aims to encourage our readers to find beauty in themselves and not be swept away by what the world says they should be. We want to raise a generation of kinder women, in every sense of the word: kind to one another, and kind to our planet.” ~SL

I write mainly about money & finance, but also other things that come to mind or inspire me! Check out some of my previous posts here