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In Creativity Corner on
March 28, 2017

Baby’s first Easter basket

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it is one of the most meaningful ones. It’s the day that we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and it is a day that is very important to my family and I. As adults we understand the true meaning behind this day, however as a young child many of my memories revolved around bunnies, dying Easter eggs and searching all over our backyard for hidden eggs.. This is also one of the many reasons why I love Easter. It is a holiday that allows your child to use their imagination and take their mind to new places. Of course we look forward to the day when Landon is old enough to understand the real meaning behind Easter Sunday, but until then we will try to make this day as fun and special as possible.

Growing up, I always looked forward to waking up on Easter morning to a giant Easter basket full of surprises and many of my favorite things. Every year my parents would buy me a Disney mug, which was part of a collection that Disney had going at the time. Every year it was a different theme- full of disney princesses or stories from my favorite movies. I still have these mugs and cherish them, as they are now keepsakes, but the best part about them is that they bring me right back to that special moment. Even though Landon is only 5 months old, I still wanted to make a basket for him because I wanted to start a tradition with him and hope that one day he will be just as excited to open his Easter basket as I was!

I chose practical items to put in his basket, things that I knew he would use (with the exception of the adorable bunny ears- couldn’t resist)! I am also really excited for L to try out the teething egg, I have read great things about it! I love that it comes with a clip, which makes it easy to pin on his pants when we are on the go. My favorite item in his basket was my ‘all-time favorite’ Easter book growing up called, The Country Bunny. I had to contain myself from reading it as soon as it came in the mail. I want to save it for Easter. I love all of the images in the book and remember them to this very day. I chose not to include a stuffed animal bunny in this basket, only because he already has one- but it was hard to resist all of the cute plush animals in the stores right now. Lastly, I love the monogrammed basket cover that I found at Target with his initial on it. I plan to keep this basket and use it year after year because it is just so perfect!

Below is a list of all of the items found in Landon’s basket, along with the links to where we purchased them!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. 

God Gave Us Easter Book

One of the many beautiful pages within The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes

Bright Starts Tags ‘n Activities Gift Set

The Teething Egg

Adorable Easter plush bunny ears

White basket and teal green monogram basket cover found here

Happy Easter to you all!



In Pregnancy on
April 18, 2016

Sharing “the news”

One of the funnest parts about being pregnant is sharing the news with your closest friends and family. TJ and I wanted to get our parent’s reactions on video- so we both secretly recorded all of them! (Sneaky, I know) It is so fun looking back at the footage. Man… they were all so surprised!

For my mom and dad, we decided to make Easter baskets to deliver the “special news’. Inside of the baskets were some of their favorite goodies as well as a scroll with the “secret message” and an egg including a special note for each of them. Both my mom and dad had no idea what they were about find out. My mom’s reaction was great. As she read down the scroll, she stopped and yelled….”BABY SPEER???? Due October 2016!” She was so surprised and so happy all at once.


Mom’s Reaction


Dad’s reaction


As far as TJ’s parents, we told them the news when TJ went down to visit them in Florida for Ava Janelle’s 2nd birthday party, which was on Easter weekend. I was so happy that TJ was able to tell them in person, since we do not see them as often as we would all like. The plan was to FaceTime in, after the party, to say hi and catch up on the day. Mid-way into our conversation, I told them that I had another surprise for Ava Janelle- that unfortunately I could not send down with TJ on the plane. As soon as I said that, Taisha yelled out- you’re pregnant! I walked away from the screen to “get the gift” and I came back with the ultrasound pictures. I proceeded to say, “Uncle TJ and Aunt Jess have a special gift for Ava Janelle….A baby Cousin!” Everyone was yelling and screaming and so excited. It was a great way to share the news with everyone being together all at once! Here’s a picture below of everyone after finding out.

Frank and Lisa’s reaction

After sharing the news with our closest family and friends, there were a few reactions that really stood out to us. Here they are below:

Best Reaction: Taisha Speer (Sister in law)

Who cried (the most): Rachel Napoli (Best friend)

Most shocked: Rachel Napoli & Christina Breznak (Best friends)