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January 13, 2018

What’s ahead for the Speers in 2018

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA on here lately. I know I had promised at minimum one post a week and had been doing this for a while, but to be honest- I have run into some personal road blocks.

When the new year hit, I would have thought  I would be excited for new content, new material and new exciting things for the blog- but I wasn’t. This was the first time I’ve had this feeling and it’s got me thinkin’ for a bit about what it really means for me and the blog.

It took me a few weeks to realize that I have been putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself to post or create awesome content, that I feel like I’m loosing the joy I felt in doing it. I love to blog- when I can, it is a personal hobby of mine and a way to express myself. I do not want to give it up because I like to write and engage with you all. I felt like I owed it to myself & you all to explain how I have been feeling lately and the reason behind why I haven’t been posting as much.

I will continue to look for new blogging opportunities and continue to post but when I find the time and when I feel inspired to do so. I do not want to put a ‘deadline’ or ‘time frame’ on any posts, if I do not have to. Man, I already feel better getting this out.

On a side note, many of you already know this- but we finally purchased our first home (it’s been quite a journey for us as a family! [Read related post: How to land your dream home on the first try]. With this big time purchase we certainly have had our hands full- between packing + organizing, and all the “fun things” that come with closing on our first house. We are SO EXCITED about this new step as a family and can’t wait to share the whole home-owning process with you all! The good and the bad.

I look forward to sharing what we plan to do with you all, including before and after pictures, sharing my favorite decorating tips and tricks (especially on a budget) and taking you along with us as we transform our house into a cozy farm-style home.

Thank you all for your patience (and bearing with me) during this crazy-exciting time. Feel free to let me know what you love about my blog and what you enjoy seeing, so that I can create some posts centered around those things this coming year!


Love you all!