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September 8, 2015

Niagara Falls & Toronto

This past Labor Day weekend TJ and I ventured to Canada. It is uncommon that we have a large gap of time to spend together, so this weekend ended up being the perfect time to get away! We know that the fall is super crazy for us both, being I am in school and TJ will be working a lot of extra hours at work the next coming months, so we decided to celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary a month early.

We had both been wanting to go to Niagara Falls for some time. In fact, TJ’s original idea to propose to me was at the falls! He had the trip all booked and everything, but at the last minute he thought, “Do I really want to be standing outside the falls in December freezing?” Hey…I wouldn’t have complained!

We spent out first night at the most adorable Bed & Breakfast. It was our first B&B experience and now I’m not sure if any can top it! It was such a nice experience and super cute and quaint! We spent the first day exploring the falls, enjoying its beauty. At night we went out to a very fancy restaurant called “The Keg”, which overlooked the falls.

On Sunday we left Niagara to travel two hours (with traffic) to Toronto. We wanted to explore the city and see what it was all about. We spent the day walking around and admiring all of the tall buildings and beautiful waterfront.

Overall. we had a GREAT weekend! It was so nice to spend quality time with my husband and celebrate our FIRST YEAR of marriage! Looking forward to many more fun years to come!
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