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August 6, 2017

Latching with love 2017

Today, I had the pleasure of attending my first Global Latch On event to promote and support breastfeeding worldwide. As a writer & contributor for the blog Breastfeeding World, I knew that I had to show up and support my ladies and all of my fellow breastfeeding mommas out there.

We met on the red steps in NYC’s Times Square where we all gathered to nurse our babies for exactly 1 minute together. What an empowering moment, to be able to join together, worry-free, not focusing on anyone looking or wondering what anyone was thinking- just feeding our babies. It was a unique and memorable experience and something that I knew that I wanted to be a part of. As a mother, I feel so proud to be able to breastfeed and feel blessed that I am going nine months strong with my son! Breastfeeding has not only been a health benefit for Landon but a way for me to draw close to him. I truly enjoy the moments I am able to cuddle him close and nurse him. I get sad thinking of the day that he will no longer need me, so I am making sure to soak in these special times now. 

After the latch, we all headed over to Bryant park for some fun entertainment, awesome swag backs and giveaways. Initially the weather had called for rain, but it ended up being the perfect day! Today was the first time that we took Landon into the city and it couldn’t have been for a better reason!

I want to send out a special thanks to the ladies at Breastfeeding World who organized this event and allowed this all to happen. A big shout out to Alexia, Samantha & Lisa for all of your hard work! Already looking forward to next year’s event.


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April 13, 2015

NYC Spring Spectacular

This past Saturday we celebrated our HALF year or marriage! Yay, we made it!

Back on Valentine’s weekend (see our AC weekend post), TJ surprised me with tickets to see the NYC Spring Spectacular featuring the NYC Rockettes. I love going to see the Christmas Spectacular, so I knew the show would be great! It was the perfect day, the weather was beautiful and the temperature was in the mid 60’s. I spent the morning studying for an upcoming exam (fun right?), while TJ went to the gym to play some basketball and then to get a hair cut. We left the house around 2pm and headed to Willowbrook Mall to catch the bus.  But, FIRST, we had to stop at the Fine Grind in Little Falls to get fro-ho’s for the drive! We always take the bus into the city because it’s so much easier and less of a hassle. It’s super easy for me, because when I am with TJ- I just follow him. He knows how to get around NYC so easily, almost like he lived there once himself. I like when a man takes charge 😉

We were in the city about an hour early so we walked around, just checking out the scenery. It’s always fun to look around at all the people. Everyone is doing something different. If you have never been to NYC or Times Square, it is certainly a sight to see!

After walking around we headed to Radio City to find our seats. We sat in the mezzanine section on two aisle seats. Whenever TJ buys tickets to a concert or show, he ALWAYS makes sure to get aisle seats (because he is so tall and needs to extra space!) It always works for me because I get claustrophobic or have to go to the bathroom a lot 😉 (TMI, I know sorry)

The show was great! It was very interactive! They even gave you bracelets to wear that lit up during the show. You also were given 3D glasses to wear in a certain scene. It was a lot of fun. The show was 90 minutes, so for me that was perfect. TJ had never seen the Rockettes before so it was cool experience for him too. We had a lot of fun together and it was a perfect date night out in NYC! Happy Six!