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July 12, 2017

My top 10 affordable swimsuits for summer

Summer is officially upon us! It is time to flaunt that golden tan as you walk along the sand, hearing the waves crashing at your feet. Ok, I’m ready for a trip down the good ‘ole Jersey Shore! Since you know how much I love to save money, I thought I would share with you my top ten favorite affordable swimsuits for women. It always bothers me when I go to purchase a suit and it ends up costing me a fortune! One of the bikinis that I bought this year cost me $60 and it was from Target (aren’t they supposed to be cheaper?!) I feel like baiting suits are getting more and more expensive with each summer that goes by. Well… don’t worry anymore– I have done the research for you! Without further ado, here are my top AFFORDABLE picks for this summer!


1. Sexy Ruffle Off-The-Shoulder Floral One-Piece Swimsuit – $18.99

If you follow along on my instagram, you have already seen me ‘repping this gorgeous pastel swim suit.

I have gotten so many compliments on it! I love how perfectly it fits and contours my curvy body.

Hallegave Women's Fashion swimwear sexy bikini Halter Straps Swimsuits Bathing Suit,Yellow,Xlarge

2. V Neck Floral Print Short Sleeve One Piece  $18.99

This swim suit was inspired by my friend Deb (@deborahstachelski)

She recently got this swimsuit and man does it look good on her!

I love how it zips in the front, allowing you to control how much cleavage you want to show off 😉

*the colors are much more vibrant in person*



3. Vintage Polka High Waisted Bathing Suit – $25.99

This is a cute option for someone wanted some coverage or to hide some belly (or stretch marks)

I love the color combo! Perfect for a hot summer day. Drink please…

CHERRY CAT Two Piece Swimsuit Super Cute Beachwear Bathing Suits (Rose Red&Navy,XL)


4.  One-Piece Pin Up Halter Retro Vintage Bathing Suit – $21.99

This suit comes in a bunch of different colors.

It looks very comfortable and is a great option for someone wanting full frontal coverage.

I feel like red is a color that looks good on blonde and brown haired women.

Put some red lipstick on and BAM!

Annigo Womens Retro Vintage One Piece Swimsuit Halter Shirred Details Monokini


5. Ruffle Off-The-Shoulder One-Piece Bikini   –  $24.99

I love the elegance and sexiness of this suit.

It is classy and is a very creative design that I have never seen before!

Tengweng Women Leaves Print Flouncing Off Shoulder Swimsuit High Waist Bikini Set L CUTQ01


6. Deep V-neck Cross-Back High Cut One Piece Monokini  –  $10.99      

You seriously cannot beat the price of this bikini!

I love the color combo and pattern.                    

The back criss-crosses and ties and has a dramatic look that I love.

        Summer Bay Womens Deep V-neck Cross-Back High Cut One Piece Monokini Swimsuit Pattern Swimmwear


7. Leaves & Stripe Halter One-piece (Padded with Cutout in back) – $29.99

I am definitely obsessed with the palm leave look this summer.

I love the contrast with the pink and green and strip combo.

The slit in the center gives a sexiness to this one-piece!

Cupshe Fashion Women's Leaves Printing Stripe Halter One-piece Padding Swimsuit with Cutout (L)


8. Boho Style Striped Polka-Dot Halter Bikini – $13.68

This option is a super cute design for someone looking for a 2 piece set.

Love black and white polka dots and the halter look of this suit.

Niveltm Sexy Boho 2pcs Bikini Set Polka Dots Striped Halterneck Swimwear(M)


9. One-Piece High Waisted Halter Swimsuit – $15.99

I told you I was obsessed with leaves this summer.

I just love this combo. This suit is so ME!

Women's Sexy Leaves Printing Striped Halter Padding One Piece Swimsuit Cutout


10. Push up 2 piece padded bikini – $12.99

This is a sexy option for those of you looking to show a little skin.

There is something about a yellow suit in the sunshine & a golden tan that I find so attractive.

 Nulibenna Push Up Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit Candy Patch Padded Swimwear Yellow Medium


Hope you all liked these super cute suit options that I came up with.

The best part about them, is that they are ALL AFFORDABLE!


Now who is ready for the beach? (insert emoji of girl raising hand)


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June 3, 2017

20 ways to have fun this summer without breaking the bank

summer fun

Summer is finally here and I am more than ready, are you with me? When you end up getting time off of school or work, it can be hard to find ways to occupy your time that don’t involve binge watching (and binge eating.) Lucky for you, I have done the work for you when it comes to planning an amazing summer, offering my insight on the best ways to spend your time!

The best part? It will hardly cost you anything!


1. Start a garden. Go to your local garden center, grab some cheap pots and soil and get your hands dirty. Plant some pretty flowers or even herbs if you are feeling adventurous! Whatever tickles your fancy. 

2. Take a trip to the beach. Who doesn’t love sun and surf? Not everyone has access to a beach, I get that, but if you have a few days free- make it a girl’s getaway. Don’t forget the wine (and the sunscreen!)

3. Host a Bocce Ball tourney. Boccee Balls range from $15-30, a great investment for your summer. Ask your friends to bring a dish to eat, since you are providing the game. Not only will you have great company, but yummy post-game snacks to go along with it. If you know me well, bocce is my favorite summer sport!

4. Become an artist for a day. Have some fun painting, doodling or creating a collage. If you aren’t feeling inspired, check out Pinterest for ideas. You could start simple with a quote, or try and recreate one of your favorite places on canvas.

5. Have a picnic. Nothing says summer like a picnic with your bestie, so shoot her a text and grab ingredients for some sandwiches and sangria. Lay out your blanket at your favorite park and then go for a hike after. 

6. Bake some cookies. It’s finally time to use your new KitchenAid for some summer baking! Bake up some goodies for your new neighbors or close friends. I love to bake cookies and deliver them fresh to my husband’s job! They are always a hit and it makes TJ look good 😉

7. Have a pizza party. And yes, we mean actually making the pizzas yourself. Gather some friends and your favorite pizza toppings for a “create your own” pizza night. I recommend Boboli pizza crust, but it’s even more fun to make your own.

8. Take up photography. Whether you are creative or not, photography can be a great way to capture what you find most beautiful. Go for a nature walk and take pictures of what inspires you, or grab a disposable camera and hit the town for some photogenic fun. I am also loving the portrait mode on the new iphone- it works wonders!

9. Head to your neighborhood tennis court. You don’t play tennis? Oh well! Sometimes it’s less about technique and more about the experience. The winner pays for ice-cream! 

10. Start a blog. You have thoughts in your head, and it’s time to share them with the world. To get started check out free blogging websites like WordPressBlogger or Wix, and browse the internet for tips on how to start your own blog!

11. Volunteer. Find a local food pantry or church that may need your assistance, and spend time lending a hand. Nothing feels better than helping out someone in need. This can help keep you committed to something bigger than yourself.

12. Visit a nearby aquarium. Whether you go with your kiddos or your friends, the aquarium can provide hours of entertainment. It is pretty affordable to spend the day admiring all the aquarium has to offer, especially if you can use a student discount- but if you can’t, be sure to look on Groupon for some deals. 

13. Do your dreaded summer cleaning. Still haven’t worn that party dress you bought three years ago? Donate it. Feeling cluttered? Do a little re-organizing. Haven’t cleaned your baseboards in a year? Now may be the time. If you need a little extra cash, try selling your clothes to a consignment store or on an app like Poshmark.

14. Sign up for an obstacle race. Even if you aren’t in peak athletic condition, signing up for an obstacle race can be a really good time. Some to check out are the Dirty Girl Mud RunSpartan Race and Tough Mudder. Gather a team together and get dirty!

15. Pitch a tent … in your backyard. Pitch a tent and fill it with pillows, blankets and a wireless speaker. Spend the night stargazing and making s’mores with your closest friends or significant other.

16. Host a ’90s game night. One word: Jumanji. Round up old board games (we know you still have a few) and invite your friends over for drinks and friendly competition. Don’t lie, you totally want an excuse to play Mall Madness again!

17. Start a chain reaction. It always feels great making someone smile. Next time you are out and about, pay for the person behind you. It could be at Starbucks, the Dollar Store or even your local Drive in. You’ll be making their day, but making yourself happier as well! 

18. Host a Sunday night dinner for your friends. It’s always good to have everyone together in one place, especially when there’s food involved. Sunday nights are the perfect time to have a dinner for your friend family, because the weekend is winding down and Monday’s work commitments haven’t yet started.

19. Car wash. Get your best girl friends together, blast some old pop music and give your car a good scrub. All you need is some soap, sponges and a bucket of water. Oh, and some tanning oil as well.

20. Take a sunset bike ride. If you don’t have a bike, consider renting one — most big cities offer bike renting services. It’s a chance to exercise while enjoying a great view at the same time! Sunset is the most peaceful time of the day, so relax and take it all in.


Got any other fun ideas? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below!


This post was first published by Jess on Society Letters, found here.

In Creativity Corner on
May 14, 2015

DIY Summer Watermelon Tote

Today I spent the day with one of my favorite people, my Oma (dutch for grandma). My Oma is the reason I grew up so into art and anything crafty. Every time I would go visit her house in Belleville, she would always have colored pencils and drawing paper for us or watercolors to paint with. Well…things haven’t changed. Many of the times I visit Oma, we find something creative to do. Today, I asked her to help me out with a DIY project I had been wanting to do.

I stopped at Michael’s Craft Store before I got to her house and sadly was quite disappointed. They didn’t have any good totes bags for this project. I left the store saying…I guess today isn’t the day. Before I got in the car, I decided to walk next door to the Christmas Tree Shops. I was actually looking for some fourth of July decor when I came across this adorable beige & green tote! I saw it and knew it was perfect for the project I wanted to do. I quickly picked it up and headed to the cashier. I ended up going back to Michael’s to purchase the paints and paint brushes. I included a close up picture of the paints and brushes we used in case you wanted to pick up the same colors.

Together, Oma and I decorated this super cute summer bag! The bag itself came to $5, a steal! It has a zipper across the top to which is great. In total I spent $10 on this project. Awesome, right?

What you will need:

-Tote bag (any size & color you prefer)

-Paint brushes (small/med/large)

-A potato (YES….a potato) sliced in half [I used 2 for different shapes]

-Acrylic paint [pink – green – black)


It’s super easy!

Once you have your potato cut in half, you will take your pink paint and brush it over the potato half. You will then flip it over and hold down the side with the paint against the tote, for 5 seconds or so. Be careful when picking it up because it can easily slip out of your hands and get paint in the wrong place! After placing all of your potato halves (for the watermelon), we opened our green paint and using a smaller brush painted on the watermelon rind. Once the watermelons were dry, we painted in the seeds with the black paint using the smallest brush.

We let the tote dry for a good two hours and then came back to paint the back!

Let me know what you think!

IMG_8696IMG_8671IMG_8735 IMG_8738IMG_8743IMG_8758IMG_8769IMG_8797IMG_8732