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September 2, 2016

Bumpdate: 32 weeks

Hey all! It’s been a while since I have written because I have been so busy! I started a new job at the hospital and have simultaneously been working Full-Time at my current job. Talk about stressful!

Baby S has been very active and moves around a lot in that belly of mine. At 9:30 every night (on the dot) he is waiting for me to talk to him. I call it “mommy & me time.” It’s like he waits for me to get home, lay down and relax and he is ready and waiting for me. It is a precious thing that TJ and I get to experience every night and we can’t wait to finally hold him in our arms.

So far, thank God, I can’t complain that this pregnancy has been very difficult. The hardest thing I had to go through so far was failing my first Glucose Tolerance Test. When I heard that I had failed, I was so bummed because I knew that meant I had to do the 4 hour fasting test. I really struggled with getting this test done. I had to go to LabCorp on a Saturday at 6am, wait for 5 hours (fasting) to get my arm stuck 4x and drink that disgusting sugary drink again! It was literal torture for me. I had a very hard time sitting in the waiting room with 1,000 other people, not having eaten, and getting my blood drawn so many times at once. I literally almost passed out! Luckily I had my sweet husband by my side the whole time, encouraging and supporting me. In the end, thankfully, I passed!!

Other that that, I am starting to feel the typical third trimester symptoms such as back pain, acid reflux and insomnia. I officially dropped down my full-time status to per-diem, to free up my schedule a little more. Next week I will drop down to working only 3 days a week again. I hope by doing this, I will have more free time to relax and kick up my feet (which I haven’t done at all). Currently I am looking forward to a nice weekend off to be able to relax with TJ and spend some quality time together (finally!) Until the next post….

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