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October 11, 2017

Celebrating 3 years of marriage!

Can’t believe it’s been three years since we got married! Time sure does fly (I feel like I say this a lot lately). Overall, I have to say, it has been an amazing year.

Shortly after our second anniversary, came the birth of our first child, Landon. This year has been full of learning how to care for our child and a lot of our time has been spent parenting rather than dating. We have gained a whole new appreciation for one another and realize how we need to work as a team to get things accomplished. It sure has been an adjustment from the single life, but I think I like our roles even better now. 

This past year has had its ups and downs, but mainly ups! We hosted our first Easter, went on our first family vacation down the Jersey shore, lost what we thought was our “perfect home”, & danced to Bruno Mars in concert. I am looking forward to what the coming years will bring to us and our family!

TJ, thank you for all you do and for being a great father and even better husband. There is no one else that I would want to celebrate 3 years with, but YOU! Love you lots! Happy Anniversary my love. 

Old Mr. Webster could never define, what’s being said between your heart and mine.

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