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December 13, 2017

Learning how to live more in the moment

Recently, I have found myself on my phone a lot more. Trying to grow your online presence and following comes at a cost and takes time, but do I want to spend all of my time consumed in it? I realized lately that I may be missing some of the little moments with my son and that is something I am not willing to compromise on. I want to be present- fully present.


How do I plan to do this?

Here are 5 steps towards becoming a better you, not only for yourself but for your family and friends.


1. Practice mindfullness

It is so easy to get distracted now a days between work, the news, and social media, to name a few. No wonder why our mind waders so easily. Try to look past these every day distractions. Take some time in the morning or late afternoon to yourself. Whether this may be time to read a devotional book, time for prayer, or simply a quiet time spent looking out the window while drinking your a.m coffee. Pay attention to your breathing and your senses.  Take this time in your day to tap into your senses and rebalance your mind. 

2. Be more aware

Become more aware of your surroundings. When you are walking to work or in line for your morning coffee at your local Starbucks, take a second to look around you. We, all to often, have our head in our phones and dare to look up. Be aware of the situations and people around you. Try to focus on paying more attention to things.  Take notice of smells, the feeling of things, textures, even the colors on the wall. By being more aware, you are more present in the moment and you can enjoy EVERYTHING more.

3. Re-focus

When you get caught up in IG’s latest stories or get consumed in a heated phone call with your girlfriend about her latest date (and it will happen) remember to re-focus. It is okay to get lost once in a while, we are all human, but then get yourself back on track. What is most important at this current time? Try to focus all of your efforts on that.

4. Take advantage of time

Use every moment as an opportunity. Whether it be spending time playing with your child or baking with your grandmother, be focused on just that. You can catch up with friends later, when the baby is down for a nap or you are on your drive home. Value face-to-face interactions, save the screen time for later. Be intentional with your time and you will start to see improvements in the present.

5. Be grateful

Develop an attitude of gratitude. Try to smile and laugh more. Be grateful for the little things– such as your husband taking out the trash or doing the dishes. Appreciate the small things that people do for you- such as holding the door or putting on the coffee pot on at work. Be being thankful for what you have right now at this very moment, not what you think you want or will need later.


This holiday season I am going to challenge myself to put down the phone and be more present. I am going to challenge myself to be more mindful, more focused and self-aware, more intentional with my time and lastly, more grateful. Will you join me?

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